Our Fellowship

When it started

Founded by Phil Kroth, the Clinical Informatic Fellowship in The University of New Mexico was accredited in 2016 by ACGME. Our 2 years fellowship involve at least three main projects related to Quality Improvement, Data Mining, and System Implementation. Fellows are encouraged to lead projects aligned in collaboration with the Health Science Center /Veterans Affair Leadership, School of Medicine, Hospital Departments, Quality Improvement Department, Informatics, Nursing and Pharmacy. There are opportunities to work in collaboration with Clinical Informatics Fellowships at UNM in Nursing and Pharmacy as well.

Key Components

  • Leadership and Project Management
  • EHR Implementation
  • Information Retrieval and Analysis

The Clinical Informatic Fellowship Curriculum at UNM includes the Health and Clinical Informatics online graduate certificate program from Oregon Health and Science University. This allows interaction and collaboration with Clinical Informatics fellows from across the country. In addition, fellows will participate in the UNM Biomedical Informatics weekly Lecture series.

Fellows at UNM are integral members of our Clinical Informatics team, working closely with the CMIO and Associate CMIO’s. They are involved and have access to all relevant meetings as both participants, and even committee chairs. They have access to all clinical databases and platforms to support their quality work. The goal is to replicate the work environment of a CMIO and by the end of the fellowship, to have meaningful outcomes from their projects that can be reflecting in scholarly output and on their CVs. Fellows will also work 20% FTE clinically within our system in the home specialty, which helps to identify projects and gives credibility in change management projects.