Ongoing research support:

Illuminating The Druggable Genome Knowledge Management Center

This proposal seeks to facilitate the discovery of new druggable targets. Budget ~$4.9M

PI: Tudor Oprea
Agency: NIH 1U54CA189205-01
Period: 08/01/14 – 6/30/16

Past research support:

Molecular Libraries Bioactivity Database (MLBD) – U54 supplement

This supplement aims to maximize return on the chemical biology investment of the Roadmap by reshaping knowledge management at NIH (“MLBD”). Budget ~$8.5M. Oprea wrote the UNM part of the proposal related to BARD

PI: Stuart Schreiber, Chris Austin, Larry Sklar
Agency: NIH 1U54MH084690
Period: 31/1/2012 – 05/31/2015


This consortium involves 14 academic partners and 8 major pharmaceutical companies, and aims to establish transparent, effective, semantic-web compliant technologies for data and knowledge mining. Budget ~$7M (Euro). Oprea was part of the 4-people core team that wrote the grant.

PI: Gerhard F Ecker (Uni Vienna); PI for DTU: T. Oprea
Agency: Innovative Medicines Initiative (EU)
Period: 3/01/2011 – 2/28/2014

Chemical Pattern Detection and Visualization in Biological Networks

This proposal seeks to develop bioactivity visualization tools in Cytoscape. Budget ~$500,000

PI: Tudor Oprea
Agency: NIH 5R21GM095952-02
Period: 1/01/2011 – 11/30/2012

Development of GPR30-Selective Ligands

This proposal seeks to identify novel GPR30 agonists and antagonists. Budget ~$1.4

MPI: Jeffrey Arterburn, Tudor Oprea, Eric Prossnitz (Multiple PIs)
Agency: NIH R01CA127731-01A2
Period: 12/01/2007 – 11/30/2012

University of New Mexico Center for Molecular Discovery

This facility core provides informatics infrastructure support to the UNMCMD. Budget $15M

PI: Larry Sklar; Co-PI and Informatics core director: Tudor Oprea
Agency: NIH 1U54MH084690
Period: 7/1/2008 – 5/28/2012