Independent Study in Biomedical Data Science

Project templates available in bioinformatics, cheminformatics, systems biology and other areas.
Offered beginning Fall 2021 as BIOM505 (Special Topics in Biomedical Sciences) Section 014 (“Ind Study Biomed Data Sci”)

Image c/o NIH NCATS
Image c/o NIH NCATS


  • Preliminary research plan instructor approval
  • Project advisor (may be faculty, staff, or external)
  • Coursework in biology, chemistry, computer science, etc. as needed

Project areas and ideas

  • Bioinformatics
  • Cheminformatics
  • Genomics
  • Drug discovery
  • Clinical informatics
  • Public health
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Data visualization
  • Software development
  • Knowledge-Bases
  • …and many others!


This independent study course involves designing, executing, and presenting a research project, reflecting the focus on independent research appropriate for graduate studies.   

  • 1-3 credits, depending on project scope.
  • The student must submit a research plan subject to instructor approval prior to registration.
  • The student will execute the research project independently, with limited supervision.
  • Major deliverables:
    1. Final Report
    2. Virtual poster presentation
    3. Participation via online forum

Syllabus: requirements & guidelines

Project ideas and templates

GitHub repository

Discussion forum (Piazza)

Course leadership:
Director: Tudor Oprea, MD, PhD, Professor and Chief of Translational Informatics Division
Instructor: Jessica Binder, PhD, Post-doctoral fellow, Translational Informatics Division
Instructor: Jeremy Yang, BEng, MA, Senior Research Scientist, Translational Informatics Division

For project ideas, templates, examples, and help finding a project advisor, visit our course home page at or contact