Introduction to Biocomputing

Offered 2007-2019, and discontinued due to the need for major updates in curriculum due to the rapid advances in many of the fields foundational to the course. We remain motivated and enthusiastic about providing educational options in research biomedical informatics, data science, and machine learning, and are currently exploring options for addressing this goal.

Graduate course BIOMED 505
1-3 credit hours
Developed and administered by the Translational Informatics Division

Self directed on-line tutorials covering (1) Bioinformatics, (2) Protein Structure and Function, and (3) Cheminformatics related to drug discovery.

For more information contact:

Course director:

Cristian Bologa
Research Professor, Translational Informatics Division

Course coordinator:

Jeremy Yang
Sr. Research Scientist, Translational Informatics Division


Two out of three of the following:

  • undergraduate course in biology
  • undergraduate course in chemistry
  • undergraduate course in computer science

All registered students should first meet with the course coordinator and course director.  Also feel free to contact us for advisement prior to registration.


Course materials are available online and will be supplemented by handouts as needed.  There will be a sequence analysis section followed by macromolecular modeling and cheminformatics, prefaced by a Linux/Unix introduction.


Students will receive one hour of credit for each numbered section they complete successfully. The reading and exercises are self-paced. When the student is ready, he or she should ask the course director for the exam covering the section that was studied. The student will then have a week to complete the exam. The numbered sections are self-contained, so the student can take them in any order, however, we have arranged them in a natural progression that we would recommend the student follow if he or she has no strong feelings otherwise.


Some of the exercises are web-based, so can be run from anywhere.  Others will require remote login to TID computers (student accounts will be provided).  In a few cases it may be advantageous to work at the lab; due to limited space students may only work at the lab by appointment with the course coordinator. We are located on the 2nd floor of the Innovation Discovery & Training Complex (Building 289), 700 Camino de Salud, Health Sciences Center.