DrugCentral database

Up to date resource on currently approved FDA drugs, drugs approved worldwide, and discontinued drugs. Integrates knowledge on drug active ingredients chemical structure, pharmaceutical products (FDA), indications, pharmacological action, bioactivity profile, and mechanism of action. Try the new DrugCentral web app.

New Substructure Search:

The current update supports chemical substructure searching. Typing a SMILES string in the DrugCentral Substructure search bar launches a chemical substructure search that finds matching compounds in DrugCentral. E.g., N1cnccc1 . SMILES strings can be located on all Drug Cards under “Description”.

Updated FDA Adverse Event Reporting System:

The 2021 DrugCentral update, we separately calculated FAERS for men and women to enable research on sex differences in drug safety. The 2023 version goes further by computing adverse drug event scores granulated by age: pediatric data (FAERS_PED) covers patients from 1 day to 17 years, and geriatric data (FAERS_GER) focuses on elderly patients over 65 years of age, respectively. Female, Male, Geriatric & Pediatrics. E.g., amfetamine

New Target Cards:

To perform a target card search enter a Uniprot target Accession ID e.g., P23975. The target cards depict the “Accession”, “Swissprot”, “Organism”, “Gene” & “Target class” followed by “Drug relations” where the drugs “Bioactivity mechanism-of-actions” are identified.

New Veterinary Drugs, Uses & Products:

Drug Central now contains Veterinary Drugs, Uses & Products. The current update adds 1805 bioactivities for 226 veterinary drugs and 804 targets. DrugCentral veterinary data contains application numbers and types, trade names, applicant names, and prescription types for 1492 drug products as referenced in FDA’s Green Book. DrugCentral currently holds 1664 indications (pairs of drug and concept names) for 34 species. Dogs, cattle, and cats sum up to 63% of the indications covered by 193 veterinary drugs. Veterinary Drug Use can be found on each drug card by selecting the sub menu link: 🐶 Veterinary Use on the drug card. E.g., enrofloxacin