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UNM HSC Newsbeat/ KRQE Video featuring Christophe Lambert

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center has received a nearly $2.4 million award to study the safety and effectiveness of bipolar disorder treatments in the United States. The nationwide study – to be funded over four years by


Discovery of Inhibitor of Fructose Transporter Offers Novel Treatment for Diabetes and Cancer

Tudor I. Oprea, M.D., Ph.D. Cristian-George Bologa, Ph.D. Oleg Ursu, Ph.D. Featured in the current issue of the STC newsletter (download)


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Linking diseases, drugs and the druggable proteome. The Illuminating the Druggable Genome Knowledge Management Center (IDG KMC) evaluates, organizes and distils more than 80 protein-centric and over 20 gene-centric resources for over 20,000 curated human proteins (UniProt). The IDG KMC


New! TiD Publication: Impact of similarity threshold on the topology of molecular similarity networks and clustering outcomes

We observed that the average clustering coefficient versus similarity threshold function can be char‑ acterized by the presence of a peak that covers a range of similarity threshold values. This peak is preceded by a steep decline in the number


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Here you can search Publications by Author- Tudor Oprea, M.D., Ph.D. Browse Our Latest Publications. Pharos: Collating protein information to shed light on the druggable genome. Nguyen DT, Mathias S, Bologa C, Brunak S, Fernandez N, Gaulton A, Hersey A, Holmes


Crystalizing Critical Information from Very Large Datasets

The Genomics/Bioinformatics team helps researchers acquire and analyze sequencing data. The team can sequence all the part of the DNA, called “genome sequencing.”  

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Follow link: DrugCentral.org

DrugCentral is online drug information resource created and maintained by Division of Translational Informatics at University of New Mexico. DrugCentral provides information on active ingredients chemical entities, pharmaceutical products, drug mode of action, indications, pharmacologic action. We monitor FDA, EMA,



Drug Repurposing Projects Ketorolac Virtual screening by TiD identified the R-enantiomer of ketorolac as a hit for blocking GTPase activation in response to growth factor stimulus. Ketorolac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used for pain relief under the trade


Illuminating the Druggable Genome (IDG) Targetcentral.ws

The goal of the Illuminating the Druggable Genome (IDG) program is to improve our understanding of the properties and functions of proteins that are currently unannotated within the four most commonly drug-targeted protein families: the G-protein coupled receptors, nuclear receptors,



Cheminformatics is the application of informatics and computation to chemistry.  Historically, cheminformatics has been associated with drug discovery science.  Cheminformatics encompasses a wide range of foundational disciplines and computational technologies, from graph theory based molecular representations, to machine learning based


Translational Bioinformatics

Translational Bioinformatics (TBI): The science of leveraging biomolecular data into clinical medicine. Here is a much longer definition from the American Medical Informatics Association site. Translational Bioinformatics is the development of storage, analytic, and interpretive methods to optimize the transformation of increasingly


Clinical Informatics

Fellowship NOW Being Offered at UNM The Department of Internal Medicine is starting a new Clinical Informatics Fellowship.  For more information, click HERE Clinical Informatics is the application of health information technologies to help in the quality of health care, control

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TiD Talks

Translational Informatics Talks and Conferences TiD has a long tradition of collaboration with leading clinicians and scientists. In working with these leaders, we have sponsored numerous speaker series from “Drug Discovery Days” to “Grand Rounds.” Below is a list of innovative

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