We have access, expertise, and specialized tools for a great number and variety of public, non-public, and semi-public data resources, across the translational research spectrum, many of which are listed here.

Resource Description Publisher
BARD semantic bioassay data NIH
enzymes Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig
Bat4_Network4 bioactivity knowledge graph UNM TID
CernerLogo_Modified_CMYK_Horizontal HealthFacts Cerner
Chembl_logo chemicals and bioassays EMBL-EBI
chemicals and associated data RSC
ClinTrials clinical studies of human participants NIH-NLM
DailyMed-Logo drugs NIH-NLM
DO_logo disease ontology IGS University of Maryland
Tissues_JensenLab disease-gene associations CPR
Online drug Compendium UNM TID
geo_main gene expression NIH-NCBI
go-logo.large gene ontology GO Consortium
GWAS_Catalog_circle_178x178 GWAS metadata NHGRI & EBI
hugo HUGO gene nomenclature EMBL-EBI
HumanProteinAtlas2 tissue-based proteomics RIT
iuphar pharmacology IUPHAR
kegg_header1 genes Kyoto University
lincscloud_logo signatures of cellular states NIH LINCS
MedDRA medical dictionary WHO
US-NationalLibraryOfMedicine-Logo.svg medical subject headings NIH-NLM
OpenPhacts semantic pharma knowledgebase OpenPHACTS Foundation
PDB protein structures RCSB
PDSPLogo psychoactive drug screening program UNC
pubchemlogo_2015 chemicals and bioassays NIH-NCBI
pubmed biomedical literature NIH-NLM
logo pathways ICR - EBI - NYU
rxnorm-77104611 normalized drug names NIH-NLM
Tissues_JensenLab tissue expression CPR
UMLS2 Unified Medical Language System NIH-NLM
unipro protein sequence and function UniProt Consortium
Wombat_logo molecular bioactivity Sunset Molecular