CARLSBAD is a database and knowledge inference system that integrates multiple bioactivity datasets in order to provide researchers with novel capabilities for the mining and exploration of available structure activity relationships (SAR) throughout chemical biology space.

The CARLSBAD platform consists of a DATABASE and two different interfaces:

  1. CarlsbadOne, a streamlined web-based interface
  2. The CARLSBAD Plugin, an in-depth Cytoscape networking interface


For a more information on CARLSBAD including a combined MANUAL & TUTORIAL, please see the Plugin page located HERE or visit the LEGACY site.

CarlsbadOne is a simplified web-based application streamlined to perform CARLSBAD’s most popular functions, lead discovery and off-target identification. CarlsbadOne utilizes the powerful structural algorithms, HierS and MCES, to help researches generate chemical pattern driven hypothesis. For more information on CarlsbadOne, please see the CarlsbadOne page located HERE. Please see the CARLSBAD combined MANUAL & TUTORIAL for a better understanding of the CARLSBAD platform.